Wishful Thinking


Trying to forecast this function

Work out my variables

 Of strength and value

Maxmize, if only, the illusion of courage

While minimizing the pain of risk.

I can only see adventure

Through the shadows

Of this tedious grind;

Day after day.

Grasping the thought of optimism

As a virtue

That will enlighten

My declining hope

 To someday wash my hands

Of this grime

One last time

And grin as I discover

My feet on new ground,

My old tension freshly unwound

And my heart filled

Over the brim;

A meniscus of

Passionate connections.


4 responses »

  1. Came back through to read this again. I like this. But I sense that there’s math in it, and so I fear it as well. And, adventure scares me, though somehow I often find myself in the midst of it.

    I dig it, either way.

  2. Thanks Anonymous and Tony … I have a question, though, do I have to put html “
    ” when I hit enter not to get a space between the lines???

  3. The best thing to do is “wash” the text in something that will convert it to plain text, like Notepad in Windows. There are other programs that will do this, too, but I’m not real familiar with them. You could probably do well to write it in almost anything else — like a blank e-mail — then copy it and paste it into WordPress.

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