True Friends


Many of us have good friends in life, but few of us are lucky enough to have TRUE friends in life. I’m referring to that type of friend who is there no matter what, supports you, lets you know when you are doing something stupid or is just a great shoulder to cry on (no matter how hairy that shoulder might be).

I have in fact been blessed with the truest friends/confidants a person could ask for. My friends would give the shirt off their back if I needed it, though if it came from Joey it would be some sort of free beer shirt I’m sure. My friends would even represent me in the court of law, i.e. Tony.

When you have the sort of friends I have, you have to come to expect the unexpected. There really isn’t too much that surprises me anymore with my pals. We have all seen more of each other’s bodies than one would really care for, seen more puking than takes place behind the scenes at a runway show and dealt with more “is this a felony?” situations than anyone I know.

That is why I love my friends/brothers: they keep life spontaneous, full of fun.
I recently received a random text late one night from one of my brothers, Joey. When I opened the text, it opened with the statement, “I almost pooped my pants!” Of course, my interest was aroused (and that wasn’t the only thing that was), so I asked “why?” and “how?” In typical Joey fashion, he proceeded to inform me that he had a lot of gas and had been farting all day. I, of course, expressed my pride in what he has told me, mostly because I have been there before once or twice … or maybe even three times.

Now, you have to understand the level of conversations I have had with Joey throughout our friendship; never a dull moment. He still always finds a way to surprise me. I questioned him on how badly he may have shat himself. The response I got was, “I didn’t quite fully crap my pants, but there was definitely some poo water.” Again, not at all what I was expecting to hear. I wasn’t disgusted by this at all, one of many reasons I question my sanity. In fact, the only thing I could think after hearing this is how much I love Joey. I felt lucky to have a friend like this, maybe it is because we can bond over crapping our pants, or simply we are comfortable enough with each other that we can share those sort of things while knowing how excited it will make our pal. Whatever it is, I knew this was the type of friend I want in my life.

Joey and I had taken a vow, for better or worse, when we became heterosexual life partners. Honestly, Joey’s worse only makes him better to me. Tony, Scott, Joey and I have all been through so much together and are closer for it. Many outsiders might view our friendship as queer (there are some pretty questionable photographs), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I need some one beat up or just a great intellectual conversation, Tony is my guy. If I want someone to listen to my problems and comfort me, or just need a great foot massage, Scott is my guy. If I need adventure or to just let my guard down and do something stupid, Joey is my guy.

If you have these type of people in your life, then cherish them. They will be with you until the end (and if they are like my friends, they may have something to do with the end.)


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  1. I adore Cameron’s core friends. I know if anything ever happened and we weren’t there, they definitely would be. Yous guys are awesome.

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