Stumbling into Dystopia


Shake my head, and loosen the cobwebs. Stretch out my fingers, and prepare for paragraphs. During my hiatus from blogging , the majority of my contributions were links to interesting, offensive, or comical links I found while  stumbling around the web. My original posts were limited to twitter-esque snippets on facebook walls. So buckle in, tighten your goggles, and hold on while I fly past 140 characters.

There are too many people on earth. Opinions differ on how many of us can survive on this rock. 9 billion? 1 trillion? It’s like classifying the unclassified insect species. 2 million? 30 million?  In either case, survival or classification, the task is easier with less. While still daunting, I would rather sort 2 million than 30 million species. In the same vein, feeding, housing, and fueling 9 billion humans is preferable to providing for 1 trillion humans.

People have no natural interest in decreasing our growth rate. Reasons for reproduction vary. As organisms, they have a biological imperative to breed. Further, ego or tradition may persuade them to pass on their name. Their beliefs may have them be fruitful and multiply. (At nearly 7 billion people worldwide, you can check it off the list.) They may want someone to care for you in their twilight years. The desire to have children is rooted in genetics, family tradition, and religion. People will have babies.

So fine, reproduce, but understand your undertaking. You create a life, you care for the life. The life probably outlasts you and looks to the future to which you contributed. Consider that as we burn through certain energy resources, they are exhausted, gone forever. More people consume more resources. While your instinct drives you to reproduce, you are allotted through evolution, the decision making skills, and through technology, the means, to decide to stop having children. You can make an investment in a population that uses less resources through a smaller population. If you reproduce, do so sparingly. Replacement level fertility rate, or 2 children per pair of mates is sufficient and responsible.

There is hope in renewable and alternative energy sources (wind, geothermal, hydrogen fuels cells, etc…), but understand they will take time to implement. During that time, conserve what we have, and teach others to do the same. Even utility companies encourage you to conserve. Some of the information on these pages will read like a broken record, but you may find a gem that will save you money while extending our resources into the future.

Live a thoughtful life. Consider the ramifications of your actions.

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  1. So, what you’re saying it, it’s come time to purge the herd. I will follow you, Dark Angel of Death, and do your bidding.

    Yours and the neighbor’s dog’s, anyway.

  2. If only we could limit the number of children stupid people have, and increase the number of children intelligent people have, we could control the population numbers while improving our quality of life (or at least our quality of conversations, movies, books, tv, etc.).

    • I love that except stats show that the higher the education level, the fewer children you will have. So the smart are too busy reading books and the dumb have free-falling pants! YAY!

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