So this should serve as more of an introduction than my first post.

I underwent a reformat just over half my life ago. Circumstances arose that forced the shut down of  certain functions. We lost one hemisphere for a couple of weeks. Through the tireless work of my engineering department, and in defiance of some less-than-optimistic experts, partial operations were recovered. Certain actions like writing, eating, and other delicate activities were transferred to other drives. These skills were not learned overnight, but the learning curve was steeper during the 2nd round.

So I was born anew. I retained certain elements of v1.0, but my upgraded circuitry took me to a new building with new models with which to interact. v2.0 observed as many groups as my OS admitted. I new the goths, the art kids, the band geeks, the nerds, the losers, the rockers, and eventually even crossed wires with some jocks and cheerleaders. I tried out many sectors and tried to meld my programming with theirs, but conflicts always arose. The strict rules always caused problems.

v2.5 found an open-source community known (at least among themselves) as The BOB Squad. Their system requirements were merely twisted humor, a hearty appetite, and a tolerance for occasional physical abuse. Intriguingly, they were growing… and also begrudgingly accepting new members. With membership came a name. Joining the ranks of CUDAmon, Penguin BOB, FRU, PITTmite, and the ManChild, I assumed the mantle of the DUDE. With membership came traditions: N64 Goldeneye marathons, pranks, beating in the new year with a sledgehammer, road trips, loitering, heavy caffeination (through anything from Surge to Folger’s Crystals in a spoon), and a sense of community that seems to have remained in my system for years after seeing more than 2 BOBs assembled in one location.

We’ve all made a way in the world. We’ve all improved.  Several upgrades later, I look forward to seeing your new features and abilities. I hope the world is ready for what we have to offer.


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