Meet Your New Blogger


While I am not completely new to the media, having written a few sports stories for the local newspaper and being a highly unpaid intern for morning radio on the old 99X (99.7 FM — everything alternative, including my lifestyle), I am new to blogging.  To introduce myself, I would first like to express how much I love those “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.


Sexiest man alive? Try sexiest man ever!

Of course, those commercials would cease to exist if it weren’t for the man behind the scenes.

There was a man who inspired such witty comments as, “He’s been the best man at weddings of people he’s never met.”  Naturally I am referring to the man who will be getting most of the praise from the bloggers on this site.  The man who, without him, nothing would exist in this universe:  Burt Reynolds.

Had Burt Reynolds never been born, the hillbilly would still be raping that fat guy from Deliverance.  Perhaps his mustache has given him mystical powers that enable him to perform supernatural automobile maneuvers in a black Trans Am (Smokey and the Bandit) or an ambulance (Cannonball Run).  Maybe he is an alien from a distant galaxy where all life forms are perfect physical specimens.  Whatever his secret, I feel confident when I refer to “The Burt” as the sexiest person the universe has seen or ever will see.

I could go on and on about the merits of Mr. Reynolds, but it is getting late and I need to go let my cat, named Burt Reynolds, inside.  I hope all you bloggers and bloggettes enjoy our future writings.  I will end this blog the way I should – but probably will not – end all my future posts… with a hearty “Hail Burt!”

Burt's star

Joey, Scott, Tony and Cameron with... BURT'S STAR on HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD!!!


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  1. Did Cameron steal my Burt poster for this blog?! I thought he wouldn’t let me frame it and hang it in his bedroom because he wouldn’t be able to focus on any of his hook ups or they on him, but no! Instead, he’s using Burt as man bait, so he can draw Tony, Joey and Pimpin’ Scott to his den of desire. You guys are losers! I want my poster back, so I can look at it before Bruce and I do the wild thang.

  2. Hail Burt! Now that my secret plan to have 3 men tied up in my basement for a Deliverance re-enactment has been foiled—thanks mom! Maybe if I tell them I have 23 pounds of jell-o that needs to be eaten as quickly as possible, I could still lure them over. (Little do they know that I will be the plate on which that jell-o sits! Bwaa ha ha ha).

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