My First Steps in Cyberspace


I must admit, I am a bit excited — but also apprehensive — about blogging. If you ask anyone who knows me, I don’t do much with computers. Surprisingly enough, I don’t even use them for porn, which admittedly would “come” in handy for some of the contests my friends and I take part in.

When Tony approached me with the opportunity to edit my own blogs/thoughts on this site, I couldn’t wait. I enjoy writing — though it has only been on paper — as a source of release for the thoughts that bounce aimlessly around in my head. When my thoughts become too crowded, I put them down on paper that eventually gets trashed or stuffed away. Now, I can put them into the computer for all to see, which may or may not be a good thing.

I have a lot of great stories to share, as you will come to find out. Most of them occur due to the people I surround myself with (i.e., the other bloggers on this site). I feel I have rambled on long enough for my first blog, and I’m sure I need to get some work done here at the office. Not much of excitement in this one, but hey, I’m only getting started.

Before I end this, I ask all who read to keep my brother, Matt Metts, in their thoughts and prayers. He is in Afghanistan fighting to protect us. You’re making us proud, Matt. Be safe.


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