Bloggity Blog Blog Bloog …


Never really considered myself too much of a great writer or journalist but realms of my life have seemed to always want to gravitate that way.  Having history in the newspaper business and then as a freelance APA style editor (and, off the record, writer) for several of my classmates essays, papers, dissertations and research analysis (not to mention the countless resumes I have written, re-written – complete with cover letters for myself and several others – which is a skill in and of itself – TRUST!!!)  has only supported that gravitational pull.  Honestly, though I have mulled over blogging for a while now;  to break up my day and engorge my down-time at the job(s) reading more than just the Words with Friends boards that I’ve come to love so well.  So here it be, my first blog is about blogging in general.  I will admit this is tons easier typing on a full keyboard than with my thumbs, but if I must I have the means to do so.  *hugs my droid* I honestly will say than I’m looking forward to embracing this new realm, especially with wonderful lifelong friends.  A giant KUDOS!!! and WOOT!!! for Tony and BOB for the idea and setup.  Welcome!  Squad and visitors … HANG ON!!! This could get weird and *shifts eyes* well …. weird is the best word I can think of at the moment pending the fact that I am still waiting on Scott’s review of some video that should be incredibly interesting.  Something about cows, I don’t know … ask him.  No, I’m serious, keep asking him until he does it … *taps foot and pokes Scott* Okay everybody, blog with us!!!

Woot and a poke,


“Don’t mess with something that lasts forever!”


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