A New Way to Blog


This post is coming from my phone. It’s experimental, of course, because this is certainly no way to write — particularly if you have rather pudgy thumbs as I do.

Nonetheless, how amazing is it that you can find this site updated as long as I’m in range of a signal? A few fast thumb strokes, and volia, there’s a new Squad Blog posting. Easy as that.

Well, that’s all I’ve to say about that (from this device, anyway). Please, do keep returning — now that I can share the crazy shit that comes through my head from anywhere I happen to be, things are going to start getting a lot more off-color around here.



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  1. And so … it begins … I should’ve realized that The Squad’s rambllings and one-liners would come to this … me thinks a good story or two might find their way here as well. Especially from the brilliant minds that we have in our midst. here’s hoping this blog site has rather lacking censorship 🙂

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